What Do I Do If My ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speaker Does Not Turn On?

Make sure the battery is not depleted. Insert the charging cable; if the battery is fully depleted, wait 2-5 minutes to see if the charging bars begin to flash before using again.If the speaker is charged but still not working, hold the power button for 8-10 seconds to reset the speaker.

What Do I Do If My ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speaker Will Not Connect to My Bluetooth Signal?

First raise the volume on the speaker and on the source device to be sure the connection is indeed not in place. If that doesn’t solve it, then tap the Bluetoothâselector to return it to pairing/connecting mode. The Bluetoothâ light should be flashing), then return to the source device to select the Rocksteadyâ Stadium speaker. You can also tap and hold the Bluetoothâselector for 3-4 seconds to erase all previously paired devices. On the source device, “ERASE” the RocksteadyâStadium speaker from the previously paired devices and then search to connect to a new Bluetoothâ device.

What Do I Do If My ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speaker Doesn’t Supply a Signal?

Same as the solution above. If the connection is working from the source speaker, but satellites are not connecting then tap the Stadium selector on your Host device, (you should hear a chime and see the Stadium light flash). On the Satellite speakers, disconnect from any source devices (as well as disconnect the 3.5mm cable or tap the Bluetooth button to disconnect from any wirelessly connected source devices), then tap the Stadium selector to place it in Host mode.

What Do I Do If My Audio Signal Sounds Distorted or Occasionally Drops Out?

Try moving the source device or speaker to be closer in proximity to each other or move Satellite speakers closer to the Host speaker to improve the strength of the signal.

What Do I Do If My ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speaker’s Buttons/Selectors Do Not Respond?

Hold the Power button for 8-10 seconds to reset the speaker.

What Do I Do If My ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speaker’s Individual Volume Doesn’t Increase?

Increase the volume on the source device (smartphone or other source device), and check the volume level on the speaker.

Can I Accept Phone Calls on My Are My ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speakers?

No, when a phone call comes in, the ROCKsteadyâ Stadium speaker will go silent until the call ends and music is resumed. Your phone call cannot be heard on the ROCKsteadyâ Stadium speakers and there is no microphone to listen to your conversation.

Can I Use Third-Party Chargers/Adapters with My ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speaker?

Yes, any USB charger and Type-C cable will charge the ROCKsteadyâ Stadium speakers. For optimal use, we do recommend using the charger(s) included with your speaker(s) and additional chargers are available at ROCKsteadyAudio.com/Stadium/Accessories. It is not recommended to use chargers at greater than 12V or 3Amps to charge your ROCKsteadyâ Stadium speakers.

Do ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speakers Have a Microphone?

No. ROCKsteadyâ Stadium is never listening and does not have a microphone.

 Do ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speakers Have a Voice Assist Feature?

No, ROCKsteadyâ Stadium does not have any Voice Assist Features as it has no microphone.

Although My ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speaker Indicates It Is Connected to My Phone’s Bluetoothâ, Why Do I Not Hear Volume When I Attempt to Stream YouTubeâ?

Be sure your phone/source device is not muted, then check the volume level on the source and speaker(s) to correct the issue.

Can I Take My ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speaker Outside?

Yes, however we strongly recommend that you disconnect use if the speaker gets wet.

Where Can I Get Additional Support for My ROCKsteadyâ Stadium Speaker?

Please type your question into the Search bar in this section or email us directly at Support@ROCKsteadyAudio.com.

FAQ to add...  Apparently, when in Stadium mode, if you use a microwave oven, it can cause interference.  May or may not be for all microwaves, I'll be testing today here at the office, please do so at home as well.

Think of the broadcast (virus) function like this: the broadcast function is showed as on or off with the light on the top right.  If it is on, you can tap it to turn it off and then tap again to turn it on.  You know it is freshly on when you hear the sonar beeps.

If the transmitting speaker is on and playing music , and the boradcast button is solid on, you only need to bring the satellite speakers nearby and tap the broadcast button, hear the beeps, and it will join in about 5-8 seconds the first time, then instantly after that.

 when battery is below 25%, stadium mode sound can get distorted, especially when loud.  We may want to add an FAQ for this.