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Unlimited Connectivity

Listen Like Never Before.

With Stadium Mode, you can connect unlimited Rocksteady Stadium speakers within range, allowing you to transform your space into a fully immersive listening environment. You will be able to hear anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere.

It's Finally Here...

the world's 1st Portable Subwoofer

The one & only portable subwoofer from Rocksteady Audio is now available.

A Word From Our Founder

9 Years In The Making

Sound is extremely personal, and clarity unlocks the music and frequency within each song recording, while spotlighting parts of songs only heard within an immersive setting. With a speaker system such as Rocksteady® Stadium, you can get this beautiful sound anywhere.

Jeff Leitman, CEO

More Than Just A Portable Speaker

See The Breakdown

How do we get our crisp, immersive sound?

You can set your Rocksteady Stadium to play the left channel, right channel, or both channels. Combined with the ability to link speakers together with Stadium Mode, the channel selector allows you to further customize your sound environment and craft the ultimate multi-directional stereo experience.

What Customers Usually Ask.

  • Since I can't hear the speaker... Is there a satisfaction Guarantee?

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  • What is your refund & return policy?

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  • How long will it take for my new speakers to be delivered?

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  • Is the Rocksteady Subwoofer sound system right for me?

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  • How Do I Know What Speakers Will Be Right For Me?

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Level Up Your Sound. Anywhere.

Enhance your listening experience no matter where you are. Order your Rocksteady sound system today and get free shipping while stocks last.

Fun for everyone

Connect an unlimited number of speakers and subwoofers together.