Our senses can excite us in so many ways: as we gaze at a beautiful object ...

Our senses can excite us in so many ways: as we gaze at a beautiful object or person, our hearts will often flutter, and our bodies will warm; the smell of fresh-baked cookies can wet our appetite and make our stomachs ache; when our noses pick up the scent of fresh-baked cookies, our stomachs may grumble; and, if we are anxious, we can pet our dog or cat to find a sense of tranquility and peace. 

Sound also impacts us in a myriad of ways; baby’s cry, a mother’s voice, or the violent sound of a car crash can physiologically affect us. Music transports us to memories and feelings, working to create our moods and to entertain us throughout. Our favorite music can stop us in our tracks and work to awaken all of our faculties. Entering an immersive sound area encourages us to engage with the music and allows us to accept the songs into our personal spaces. 

Immersive Sound Lands in American’s Homes for the First Time

In 1961, FM radio launched in America, unleashing the potential to create stereophonic listening environments for the first time. Speaker placement, specialty equipment, the listening surroundings, and equalizer controls were all key instruments that enthusiasts now had control over. When we experience music, such as in a stadium, where the sound moves around you and across multiple audio frequencies in the audible spectrum, you have immersion or Immersive Sound. When the sound dances around you, hitting your ears at various angles, sound immersion is at its most effective.  

As it is with the sound of an echo in a cave, different environments will deliver divergent results. Portable speaker solutions give us the flexibility to zone-in an area and to compensate for space we are in. Indoors or outdoors, the effect can be extremely rewarding.

How to Create Your Own Immersive Sound Experience in the Comfort of Your Home

Creating our own immersive listening area begins with having multiple speakers. With two speakers, you can create a stereophonic listening territory, and with good placement (proper ear level is recommended, combined with the speakers across from each other with the listener centered between), music begins to transform for us. 

With multiple speaker systems, we can crisscross channels to each corner of our listening area, allowing us to feel like we are swimming in the sound. The golden age of stereo music recording started in the late 60’s and early 70’s, as musicians learned that music recording was an art form that can add sonic layers to their musical creations. 

Most music is now recorded with multiple tracks. Some speaker solutions are able support each of those layers, utilizing the appropriate hardware for the music, allowing for greater results. The abundance of streaming apps makes our libraries larger than ever, and whether wired or wireless, speaker systems are affordable for nearly any budget. Building an immersive listening area within our space is now easier than ever. 

Find The Right System That Fits Your Personal Tastes

Sound is extremely personal, and clarity unlocks the music and frequency within each song recording, while spotlighting parts of songs only heard within an immersive setting. With a speaker system such as Rocksteady® Stadium, and using four or more speakers, I often switch between a stereo environment (the left audio track is played on speakers located on my left, and the right track is played on speakers to my right), in a crisscross configuration (the left tracks is played both on a front left and rear right speakers, and the right track is on both the front right and rear left speakers), to enhance my personal audio discovery journey. 

As we move within the listening terrain, each of our ears picks up different sounds and tones, working to confuse our perceptions, denying the true source of each sound. As the speakers fade within the listening equation and the music is felt everywhere around us, we have found immersion. 


In a more social setting, immersive audio brings the added benefit of being able to reduce the volume, so that we receive a constant beacon throughout the room. This allows people to interact with each other, avoiding “loud spots” to suffer through. Or, you can just crank it up. 

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