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Rocksteady Stadium

October 2023 Build B3B

Our latest production of Rocksteady Stadium brings some huge improvements and innovations. 

Fully compatible with all Rocksteady Stadium equipment, Build B3B elevates the Rocksteady Stadium experience to new heights.

Read below to learn more about what’s new.

Rocksteady Stadium build B3B is a ground up rebuild of our satellite speakers. 


We updated the platform from 3.7V to 7.4V, developed new and more dynamic speaker cones, created a more efficient circuit board, designed a new charging system, updated the batteries, and added new antennas.

The result is a speaker better in every way, with improved connectivity, sound performance, battery life, and more.  Here are the key improvements:


Extending distance while also improving connectivity was an interesting challenge.  We tackled it in a few ways:

  • We added a third Antenna mounted higher for extended range and stability. The distance between speakers has nearly doubled.
  • We also created a Long Range Mode: Fusion of left and right audio channels at higher bit rates, where the host speaker optimizes sound for longer range w/o sound deterioration or loss from compression


Rocksteady Stadium’s signature sound gets even better with Build B3B.   Here’s how we did it:

  • New Speaker Drivers and Cones: Build B3B sees the launch of our newest aluminum coated and reshaped speaker cones. These new driver assemblies are more dynamic and responsive, delivering a more detailed yet broader sound profile.
  • New Firmware/Code: While re-writing and optimizing our firmware, we re-tuned the sound curve profile for the new drivers and developed a new algorithm for Stadium mode that improves stability and overall performance.
  • STEREO MODE: Long Range mode and Stereo mode now each carry unique sound profiles that are optimized for the type of use and environment. In Stereo mode, each satellite speaker can be independently set to play the LEFT, RIGHT, or BOTH audio channels, allowing you to create an immersive and stereoscopic sound environment. In Long-Range mode, the dual channels are consolidated, allowing reduced sound compression and even longer ranges.
  • New Circuit Board: The new 7.4V architecture runs cooler and provides for a more flexible speaker driver platform. The result is broader speaker range and improved stability.

    finger on speaker_volume


    Whether you are using them at home or you want to unplug and take them anywhere else, the Rocksteady Stadium charging system is upgraded to provide a better listening experience. Here are the main changes and improvements: 

    • 7.4V Architecture: The improved system not only runs cooler but is also more efficient. The new 7.4V battery now provides nearly double the battery life, up to 30 hours per charge*
    • New Charging System: For those who prefer to keep their speakers connected to the charger all the time, we have good news! ….
      Build B3B's battery management system protects the battery when charging is not needed, and extends the life of the battery by more than double.

    *Actual battery life may vary based on usage