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The Only Portable Subwoofer & Speaker Sound System That Delivers World-Class Sound


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You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet! A Brand New Way To Enjoy Music


Replace your existing setup with the best audio quality, period

Next Generation Audio Sound.

Rocksteady Stadium's wireless portable subwoofer and speaker set is a dedicated sound system. Made of premium materials, it's easy to carry and is battery-operated.

Our best in class subwoofer is a world's first! The result: Delivering warmth within music and thumping bass on demand.


True multi-connectivity & stereophonic immersiveness

Calibrated to fill a room with smooth bass sounds.

At Rocksteady, we've invented a sub-category called a Portable Sound System, which is a true 2.1+ system where different speakers have their own roles.

We have filled a gap in the market that allows for high fidelity speakers to be infinitely connected wirelessly to create large music listening areas.

Speaker and Subs

Rocksteady Stadium Highlights

Only the Rocksteady Stadium Sound System offers a portable wireless subwoofer and easy unlimited connectivity.

  • Portable: Use them indoors or outdoors to transform your listening experience
  • Intuitive UI: Simple to use backlit touch panel with one-touch pairing, play/pause, volume and track control
  • Endlessly Connectable: Add as many speakers or subwoofers as you want
  • Long Lasting: Works with batteries that recharge quickly, up to 16 hours of playtime
  • Real Sound: Enjoy studio clarity throughout the audio spectrum
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