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Frequently Asked Questions

Turn off all the speakers, then power up and connect the host speaker and play music for 3-5 seconds before adding satellite speakers.

Step 1: Be sure that the host speaker and satellite speakers are in range by moving them closer and verify if this resolves the skipping issue. If not:
Step 2: Delete the pairing from your source to the speakers: a) Hold down the Bluetooth button on the host speaker (3 seconds -until you hear the explosion sound); on your source device, 'forget' or 'delete' the Rocksteady Stadium XXXX from the list of paired devices. Re-pair and connect to a host speaker to establish a fresh connection.

Increase the volume on the speaker controls and on your source device.

Step 1: Hold down the power button for 8-10 seconds to reset the control panel.
Step 2: Charge the speaker to be sure the battery is not drained, and increase the volume on the speaker and the source device.

Step 1: Charge the speakers. A full battery will provide a more consistent voltage and an optimized sound performance.
Step 2: (if applicable) Modify Equalizer (EQ) settings on your source device to see if it is causing the distortion.
Step 3: Verify if your audio player offers a higher sound quality playback option.
Step 4: Try different songs or versions of a song's recording to isolate and identify if the song is poorly recorded.

Step 1: Tap the Bluetooth button the Rocksteady Stadium speaker, which should put the speaker into Pairing mode (Bluetooth light will flash).
Step 2: Select the Rocksteady Stadium XXXX speaker on your source device and connect to it.
Step 3: If that doesn't work, re-boot your source device (phone or other device), then try Steps 1 and 2 again.

Setting up multiple speakers (First Time)

After pairing and connecting a Rocksteady Stadium speaker, tap the Stadium touchscreen button found on the top right corner of the speaker (you will hear a series of tones, and the Stadium light flash 2-4 times & then will stay on).

To add speakers, the additional speakers should be Powered-ON & disconnected from other source devices*.

Tap the Stadium touchscreen button on the additional speakers (you will hear a series of tones and the Stadium light will flash 2-4 times), & the speaker(s) will connect to the host speaker.

* if your speaker connects to a source, tap the Bluetooth touchscreen button to disconnect it. 3.5mm aux cables must also be removed.

Reconnecting speakers

As a best practice, write the speaker name and SSID on the bottom of the speaker.

Identify your previous HOST speaker and power it on. It will auto-connect to the last source device it was connected to. (If it does not auto-reconnect, it may have been connected to a different device. Tap the Bluetooth touchscreen button found on the top left corner, then select the Rocksteady Stadium speaker on your source device.)

Turn on the other speakers and they should all auto-reconnect to each other*.

* The HOST speaker will have the Bluetooth and the Stadium lights illuminated (when connected via Bluetooth). The SATELLITE speakers will only have the Stadium light illuminated.

Reconnecting speakers, but with a new host speaker.

Turn on all the speakers you will using (you can add additional speakers later).

Tap the Bluetooth touchscreen button on all speakers where the Bluetooth light is illuminated but not flashing.

Tap the Stadium touchscreen button on any speakers where the Stadium light is flashing or illuminated.

Select and connect to the speaker you choose as the HOST, then follow the steps as listed above for first time use.

Adjusting Audio Sync / Audio Delay can be accomplished directly on your Video Source/TV.

- On Sony TV's, you may use this troubleshooting resource:

- On Samsung TV's, you may use this troubleshooting resource:

- For Apple TV, you may use this troubleshooting resource:

For all other makes and models, a Web search of your video hardware and "Audio Sync" or "Audio Delay" should provide a fix.

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